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Tanisha-Nicole Perona

RI Realtor License #: RES.0035815

MLS ID: 33513

Licensed Since 2011

Buyer Representative Expert

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Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

5 Great Reasons to be Pre-Approved

Buyer Services Guarantee

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My Buyer Services

  • Help you determine your buying goals and objectives.

  • Identify available homes that meet your goals and objectives.

  • Provide you with information on communities and area characteristics.

  • Assist with lending options to help you find a great lender, and review the estimate of funds required for the purchasing process.

  • Present alternate solutions to your needs when appropriate properties are in short supply or when financing is difficult.

  • Notify you of new listings and give you an opportunity to view these properties before other buyers who are not working with a buyer's agent.

  • Assist you in making an objective evaluation of a property, including both positives and negatives.

  • Assist you in making an objective comparison with competing properties.

  • Present you with a Comparative Marketing Analysis before making an offer on a property.

  • Plan a negotiating strategy and suggest procedures that will enhance your negotiating position. (Price is not the only thing to negotiate.)

  • Schedule and attend property inspections with you.

  • Strategize and re-negotiate alternatives after the inspection results.

  • Monitor continually the progress toward closing after a contract has been accepted.

  • Monitor the appraisal, loan approval process, title insurance, etc.

  • Keep you informed of all events that may affect closing.

  • Attend your closing.

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