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Buyer's Agent



  1. Property Previews
    Based on your own criteria and needs, we will diligently preview targeted properties and send them to you, as quickly as possible, for your approval.

  2. Property Showings
    Coordinate with listing agents to schedule property viewings that fit your schedule, to showing you those homes on the market that might be perfect for you.

  3. Personal and Timely Response
    We respond to all texts, phone calls, or e-mails within 2 hours or less, during the hours of 9AM - 6PM.



  1. Our Lenders
    We offer a short list of lenders we are confident can identify your range of affordability and increase your negotiating strength.

  2. Estimate of Transaction Funds Required
    We will provide you with an estimate of down-payment and transaction costs anticipated throughout the process.



  1. Buyer Evaluation Session
    We will conduct frequent evaluation sessions to discuss and re-evaluate your needs and goals (as they may change) to ensure we always have accurate property search criteria.

  2. Home Evaluation
    Research each property and discuss its positives and negatives that may affect its current value and future resale.



  1. Review of Written Seller Disclosure
    We will review with you the Seller's Disclosure Statement to ensure you understand all the defects of the property currently known by the seller, and discuss possible remedies and/or if that property, with defects, is right for you.  

  2. Offer Submission
    We will advise, based on data and market research, an appropriate purchase price, as well as review with you all offer to ensure your confidence before submission. 

  3. All Transaction Contracts
    We will review with you each and every contract to ensure your agreement and confidence before your initials and/or signature.  



  1. Negotiation Strategy
    We will obtain and review all market research, including a written Competitive Market Analysis, to ensure we have all needed information and a strong negotiating position regarding price and and terms. 

  2. Home Inspections
    Because we always recommend buyers obtain professional building and pest inspections, we will provide you with the names of reputable inspectors whose work we value.

  3. Home Inspection Re-Negotiations
    We will advise which items on your Home Inspection Report are acceptable and those which you may want to request be repaired by the owner, as well as re-negotiate purchase price accordingly.

  4. Status Updates
    We will monitor all aspects of the transaction, to ensure everything is running smoothly and we are on target for closing.  We will also keep you informed through every stage of the transaction, including satisfaction of all contingencies and contract conditions. 

  5. Final Walk-Through Inspection

We will be with you the final walk-through of the property the day of closing, to ensure nothing has been changed, damaged, or removed, and all mechanics are working according to the contract.  We will also assist in dealing with any problems that may be discovered during that walk-through.

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