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Not all service contracts fit all.  The Rent Wise Team knows owners are as unique as their properties.  Because of this, we offer service packages that can be customized for owners who want the whole kit-and-caboodle, owners who may only need a service or two, and all owners in between.

Our service fees start as low as $75.00.  We do not charge the standard "one month's rent" or even a half a month.  The Rent Wise Team believes services are services, and one owner should not pay more than another for the same service, just because their property rents for a higher amount. All owners pay the same and for only what they needed.

Our services to choose from include:

  • Professional grade photography and videography

  • Listing property on all major advertising sites including MLS, Zillow,,, and over 40 other top sites.

  • Pre-screening and scheduling ALL inquiries

  • Showing the property

  • Processing applications, NATIONAL backgrounds, & credit history

  • Verifying all submitted documents

  • Verifying references

  • Generation and execution of lease and all state required documents

  • Final walk through services at move in.

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Our team has a 97% success rate of getting properties rented before the next rental cycle.

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