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Broker / Owner

Phone: 401-484-0130


Service Area: Rhode Island & 

Bristol County MA

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Tanisha-Nicole Perona, Realtor® and Broker/Owner of RW Group Realty. I’ve been in the industry since 2011, working under several larger broker umbrellas until I recently decided to open my own local real estate brokerage. I am passionate about keeping my brokerage small so that I can personally be involved with all client transactions and be a responsible leader for our team. At RW Group, our team is made up of outstanding Realtors that operate with the utmost integrity and either have extensive experience or are training with me.

I have a varied background, all of which has directly contributed to my interest in and success in the real estate business. A local Rhode Islander, I have run a family business, worked in construction, and  am a War Veteran.  As a US Marine Corp sergeant, I learned leadership and teamwork skills, including how to get the mission accomplished no matter what. 

Since then, I have gained 12 years of hands-on experience in rentals, appraisals, and real estate purchase and sales, working for large National firms and top Realtors in the area. This well-rounded experience gave me what I need to successfully handle any type of transaction.

Work Experience

2011 - 2016

2016 - 2018

2018 - 2022

2022 - Present

Rental Agent: During this time frame, the brokerage I worked at was one of the largest rental agencies in Rhode Island.  I worked primarily with landlords and renters, filling countless vacant units.  My primary responsibilities were marketing and advertising, conducting showings, screening potential tenants, and executing leases.  I also worked with investor looking to buy and sell rental properties. 

Appraisal Assistant: Being very interested in the details of appraisals, I obtained a position at an appraisal firm and assisted the main appraiser.  My primary responsibilities were choosing comparable properties, researching subject & comp properties, and entering in all data. This experience gave me additional insight into what appraisers look for and how property values are determined. 

Purchase & Sales Agent: Although I have been a Realtor® for over 12 years, it was during these years I honed my skills as a residential agent for buyers and sellers.  I moved my license to Keller Williams, then C21,  and gained my experience by working on countless transactions, of all different types, for my clients as well as other agent's in my firm. 

Broker/Owner: I decided it was time for me to open my own brokerage which would allow me to conduct transactions in the manner I felt was appropriate for my clients.  I also wanted a chance to offer clients a customized menu of services not currently offered at other brokerages.   


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