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Why Use A

Realtor To buy Your New Home?


Any seller, listing their property with a listing agent, pays your buyer’s agent commission.  

  1. Any property listed by a listing agent, already has a sales commission built into the purchase price.  

  2. That commission is intended to be split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.  

  3. If you purchase the property without your own buyer’s agent, the price does not get reduced because only one realtor.

  4. The listing agent retains their commission AS WELL AS the commission that was intended for the buyer’s agent.

  5. In short, the purchase price remains the same, but you miss out on the opportunity to have someone represent you. The listing agent will always have their clients best interest at heart, not yours, no matter how nice they are.  

  6. What if the seller is NOT represented by a listing agent (For Sale By Owner)? (click here)



A property search is only the first step

You may have the time and energy for daily home searches.  But your agent also has the extended expertise for the following:

  1. Help you select the best community for you because of their ability to gather information about local schools, zoning, utilities, land use plans for your selected area.

  2. Help you select the best community for you because of their ability to gather information about future highway development, landfill, or commercial development that is planned for the area.

  3. Analyze each property and know which ones to weed out based on your type of financing.

  4. Be familiar with market values, ensuring your offer is sound and will match up with the property’s appraisal.  

    • NOTE: If an appraisal comes back less than your offer, you may have to come out of pocket to make up the difference, or walk away from the deal and begin the entire process again with a different property.

  5. now how to handle the situation and your options if you have a home to sell before you can close on your next home.



Viewing potential purchase properties is very exciting.  

But your new home may come with more than a stunning back-splash.  Your agent will have the extended expertise to:

  1. Identify the tell-tale signs that a home may have a problem when viewing a home.

  2. Review the owner's title to find out about easements, encroachments, title defects, ownership, liens, rights of access, etc.



Making the offer is one of the most crucial junctures of the transaction.  

You want to ensure you are not only staying within your budget, but you are also not offering more than what the property’s market value.  Your agent will have the extended expertise to:

  1. Objectively determine the true "fair market value" of the home you wish to purchase.

  2. Expertly negotiate the best price and terms.

    • Just because a seller is negotiating a purchase price that is within your budget, does not mean you should accept that price, if that price is over market value.

  3. Support your offer price with facts of home sales in the desired neighborhood, as well as what appliances, fixtures, window treatments, etc., that are generally included in the purchase price of a home in the market area.



Having your offer accepted is only the first step to an in-depth transaction.  

Your agent will have the extended expertise to successfully guide you through the next important step of your transaction.  Your agent will:

  1. Now reputable and competent home inspectors.

  2. Accompany you during the home inspection.

  3. Now what is appropriate to ask a seller to repair.



Contracts are just as important, if not more important, than the offer.  

Your agent will have the extended expertise to:

  1. Navigate all contracts and legal issues.

  2. Prepare all contracts to ensure your interests are protected.

  3. Review all contracts written by the other party for any loop holes that may put you at risk.

  4. Ensure you are always in compliance with state contractual law to ensure protection of your deposit and transaction.


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